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Simona Valli is a luscious Hungarian hottie who splits her time in front of the hardcore camera between extravagant sexual costume dramas and down-and-dirty gonzo fare. Born in 1972 in Budapest, She is a luscious redheaded ravisher whose ripe natural curves are highlighted by a set of what might be the most perfect breasts in European video. Her strikingly pretty face and dark, penetrating eyes complete the picture of ultimate sensual allure.

Shei tends to star mostly in lavish, high-end sexvids of the type that they only really make in Europe any more. In flicks like 'Erotic Adventures of Marco Polo' and 'Erotic Dreams of Aladdin,' She has proven herself to be a quite capable actress as well as an explosive sexual performer. She can deliver her dialogue scenes with the best of them, then turn around for a raucous roll in the hay that leaves audiences gasping for breath.

Occasionally, Simona Valli turns up in a shot-in-Europe gonzo flick like 'Rammin' the Rear Gate 1,' where she's only called on to flaunt her figure and take on some lucky stiff in a white-hot romp. She's good in those scenes, make no mistake, but it's in the high-end costume dramas that she really shines. Simona Valli just looks so great in those tight corsets and bustiers that it's sometimes hard to imagine that she's actually very much a modern gal.

Simona Valli drifted away from the hardcore scene as of around 2000, but her erotic output remains among the most alluring of the late 90s. Anyone with a taste for luscious, all-natural Hungarian curves would do well to catch this brash, endlessly enticing young woman in action.

Birth Location : Budapest, Hungary
Years Started : 1994
Hair Color : Brown
Ethnicity : Caucasian
Known Alias : Andrea Valente



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